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K Gray is an author, dramaturgist, researcher, and lover of all things paranormal. Growing up in a haunted house will do that. She saw her first UFO at the age of eight, and it was all downhill from there. Since then she's been learning everything she can about the strange world of the supernatural and paranormal, and now it's time to get some of the knowledge out of her head and into your ears.

With a short story in Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Tales, many other stories on the stove, and no shortage of weird and spooky reference books, K thought it might be a good idea to start putting this all down in writing. Well, reading. Both, in the long run. She hopes this crazy idea takes off, and she can explore the world of the paranormal in a way that will make others want to come along for the ride. You can find her across most social media as @kgraywrites.



Crysta K. Coburn is a graduate of Western Michigan University with degrees in creative writing and Asian studies. She is an author, journalist, poet, editor, podcast co-host, and one-time rock lyricist. Publications include short stories in GlassFire Anthology, Mad Rush Magazine, Valves & Vixens volumes I and II, Cosmic Encounters, Migration (QSF Flash Fiction #5), and more. She is the editor of The Queen Of Clocks And Other Steampunk Tales and co-editor of Cogs, Crowns, and Carriages and Gears, Ghouls, and Gauges. She is a regular columnist and staff editor for the Ann Arbor-based Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, a writer for Pulp and other publications. Stories "Night Flight" and "Heaven Ain't Close" from Valves and Vixens and Cosmic Encounters were turned into audiobooks and can be purchased individually. She co-hosts the Haunted Mitten podcast with K. Gray and Cinema Guano with her husband, playwright and performer Greg Pizzino. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @crystakcoburn, like her on Goodreads, and check out crystakcoburn.blogspot.com.

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